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Civil & Carpentry

SIS, Inc. has been providing clients with Civil & Carpentry services since 2005. SIS, Inc. started off small by providing concrete and flat work to local municipalities for projects such as sidewalks, intersection work, and drainage. As SIS, Inc. grew, we took on larger and more complex projects such as design and installation of a stairway and walking path to the rappelling wall for the U.S. Army at Fort Leonardwood, Installation of a new railroad spur at America’s Central Port in Granite City, and levee repair, earthwork, and turf re-establishment at Big Swan, Hartwell, and Hillview Levee’s on the Illinois River. SIS, Inc. also performs de-watering and lock repair services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers all along the Illinois and Mississippi River Systems. All while staying true to our “COMMUNICATION IS KEY” philosophy.

Site Surveying & Construction Staking (Licensed in IL & MO)

construction survey

Surveying being performed of Big Swan Levee on the Illinois River. Due to flooding and over topping of the levee systems, levees need to be surveyed and repaired on a regular basis. This process includes mowing, excavation, and re-establishment of the turf with a special blend of grass seed as specified by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This is a necessary step in maintaining the levee systems that are in place to protect communities and land all along the river system.

Excavation & Drainage

drainage and excavation contractor

In this photo a pier is being set in place during the construction process of a bridge. You will also notice that rip rap has been set in place for the purposes of maintaining the drainage of the canal the bridge is crossing. You can see how the area has been excavated to get down to the proper soil composition to ensure that the bridge is safe and secure for years to come. This type is equipment is necessary to perform these tasks.

Concrete Foundation and Flatwork

concrete foundations

Foundation and flatwork being poured for new truck bay at Metropolitan Sewer District, St. Louis, MO. This project entailed construction of a new dump bay for sewer pump trucks. One of the main challenges that was met on this project was that this is an active yard, meaning trucks were entering and leaving the site regularly while this foundation was being poured making for an interesting logistical process at times. We could not stop MSD’s work from happening so we had to be very coordinated in our deliveries and pouring schedule. This project came in on schedule and budget.


union carpenters

Stick framing being completed for new Machine Storage Shed for the USDA in Columbia, MO. This building was erected for the USDA north of Columbia, MO. In a remote location for the use of storage of various pieces of farm equipment. This was a co-op between the USDA and University of Missouri where students in the agricultural programs would learn about the crop yields that can be attained based on various soil conditions.