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Mechanical & Plumbing

SIS, Inc.’s Mechanical department was established in 2010 with an emphasis on craftsmanship, integrity, and pride. SIS, Inc.’s COMMUNICATION IS KEY approach is not only our commitment in the office when it comes to project management, but in the field also. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver to our clients the best craftsmanship out there in the skilled trades. It’s our commitment to finding the right people who take pride in their work, and have the integrity to back it up that makes us one of the go to mechanical contractors in the St. Louis market. SIS, Inc. has provided mechanical services for clients such as:

Sheet Metal

custom sheet metal

This is a Custom-made plenum and ductwork installed at building #8 at USDA in Peoria. This project was unique in design and ran into several roadblocks right from the start. The old roof top unit (RTU), sat on a concrete pad behind Building #8. The plan was to build the structure you see in the photo to elevate the new RTU and run the ducting as seen. Due to the steam pipes that were discovered under the existing concrete pad, and the asbestos that was found insulating those pipes, abatement had to be performed. Once that hurdle was crossed, a step footing had to be designed and installed that would allow for the proper foundational support while leaving enough room in the ground for existing pipes that were adjacent to the structure. This project came in on time and within the new budget.


Here is an 8” Service coming in that splits in to three; One for the Domestic water, Irrigation, and the sprinkler system. Services like this are common in high rise buildings. Large mains like this are utilized to feed the building and then stepped down in size and pressure by using reducing valves and pressure regulators so they can feed other various systems throughout the building. This practice can save the client time, space, and money when it comes to designing and constructing a building.


Plumbers apprentice Brandon Whipps ensures that the flange bolts are properly tightened on a service valve before pressure testing the system. Pressure testing a system is the final component before an inspection. Testing ensures that the system was designed and installed correctly while ensuring that the quality of work behind the installation is at the highest standards possible.

TABB Certified Testing & Balancing

HVAC Testing

In this photo, Victor Hagen is taking airflow readings to test the efficiency of an HVAC system. This ensures that the system is balanced according to the design parameters that were set forth during the design phase and then installed properly during the construction phase. By taking these steps, we can ensure the client that the system has been installed per industry guidelines and is meeting the industry standards so they are maximizing the efficiency and energy savings. Thus saving the client money in the long run.